What size cake will i need? 

Here is a rough guideline for ordering purpose, it will depend on how big you cut the pieces, but the general rule of thumb is a 2" x 2" for and Adult and half that for Children.

Small               6"    Cake will feed up to 9 Adults or 15 Children.

Standard         8"    Cake will feed up to 15 Adults or 20 Children.

Medium          10"   Cake will feed up to 25 adults or 40 Children.

large               12"   Cake will feed up to 35 Adults or 60 Childern.

Extra large     14"   Cake will feed up to 45 Adults or 80 Children


How much notice do i need to give?

We appreciate as much notice as possible, especially for fruit cakes, as these need to mature to obtain the best taste possible.

A sponge cake requires a  minimum of 1 weeks notice , but we will try to accommodate late orders where possible.

A fruit cake will need a minimum of 6 weeks notice. Again we will try to accommodate late orders, but an additional charge would apply as the fruit cake would need to be obtained from another source.

A wedding cake order requires a minimum of 1 Months notice.


Delivery Charge.

Unfortunately due to the high price of fuel today, a delivery charge has now been applied as follows :-

0 - 5 miles              £ 5.00

5 - 10 miles           £  6.50

10 - 20 miles         £  7.50                              20 miles + please ask for a quotation.

If you would like to collect your cake in person then you are welcome to do so.


Does my cake need to go in a fridge?

No the ideal condition to keep your cake at its optimum best is at room temperature or slightly cooler, a back room or pantry are perfect. It needs to be kept away from sunlight, radiators and anything that omits heat.

Do not put your cake into a fridge as this will cause condensation which will interfere with the icing and decorations causing it to spoil. Also do not store in an airtight container as this again will spoil the icing.

Once cut keep in the box and wrap with clingfilm to stop it from drying out.