1. Thank you so much for the amazing wedding cake,  taste was amazing, everyone at the reception commented on how fantastic it was.... T. Wilcox-day
  3.  My engagement cake was just perfect, Thankyou!!      -----     N. Parkinson

     3.  Thank you for making a little girl very happy, the Rapunzel cake was amazing and the

          butter cream to die for!!!     -----    S. Fearn

     4.  Handy Manny was brilliant, my little man ate all the tools to  himself!!       ----    L. Parkinson

     5.  What can we say  WOW!!!!! the christening cake was fantastic and very personal to us,

          Thankyou, amazing.     ----      G.Newton    

     6. Beautiful cake, did not want to cut it. Thankyou so much  fantastic.      -----        J. Jenkinson

     7. My daughter was amazed with her horse cake, her friends were really  jealous!!!! 

         the taste was amazing really delicious Thank you.     -----     C. Moncrieff  

     8. Did not dissapoint amazing christening cake, that butter cream is heavenly,

        no more asda ones for us!!!      -----  S Fearn    

     9. The cake was so detailed and different, so many people commented on it.

          thankyou     ------   J. Robertson

    10. My 60th badminton court was the envy of the badminton club, well done and thanks for an

         amazing delicious cake.   -------       J. Sumner  

    11. Lol the rude cake for my boyfriends birthday was hilarious, fantastic detail, looked so real.

          Thankyou   ------   R. Hasa

    12. I did not know you could be so creative with cake, the books were beautiful so personal,

          and tasted gorgeous. Thankyou      ------    N. Cox


    13. Hello Debs, I just wanted to say another big thank you for the fabulous cake you made for my Mum's birthday. She absolutely loved it and it  was  very much admired and enjoyed. I put your cards out by the cake so hopefully, you will get some orders from it in the future although I'm sure you're more than busy enough. I think you should charge more!

                                        Thank you again and best wishes, ........ H Catterall

   14. Hi Debs, thank you so much for Daniels Cake. It was amazing. Everyone commented on how great it looked and tasted. There's not much left! Everyone was pinching bits to take home! Thank you for all your hard work. Loads of love from Julie and Daniel x......... J Johnson 


   15  Debs your cakes just get better and better! Thanks for the fantastic guitar cake, Liz loved it she thought it was sooo 'cool', it tasted fantastic too. Can't wait for the next one in June........C Moncrieff

   16. Thanks for the cake you made for my daughter she loved it, and it's taste was lovely, so thank you! x .......k Green